ECHOS of battle. John stands alone, calm, eyes glazed as a reddish black stain spreads across his chest. Blood. One hand holds an old picture, his other holds a lighter. Tries to burn the picture. Fails. EXPLOSIONS and GUNFIRE all around. SHOUTS. John coughs. Blood splatters out of his mouth. John, the lighter, and the picture all fall one by one.


(whisper) Charlie.

Hits the ground with a CRACK! COUGH.

ANGLE ON: Picture. John as a young man, standing next to a scientist, TOM MACQUIRE, and a rocket with numbers on it’s side. They are smiling.

BRUSH CRACKING. A man in a black uniform emerges from the brush gun smoking. SAL CRAFT. Clean. Crisp. 30’s. John’s last effort to reach the photo. Sal grab’s the picture and the lighter swiftly. Holding it up. Turns the picture over. Writing. “Beltminer, Inc. John Stanner, Tom McQuire”


THE, John Stanner. You’re quest is over.

ANGLE ON: A patch on Sal’s arm, “Global Resource Management – Resources – Technology – Order” GRM.

John stares at Sal with one wild bloody eye. Sal drops the lighter and John burns.